• Why Choose Mitch

  • When most people look for a Mortgage Professional, they generally look for three things:

    1) Trustworthiness - They want a professional they can trust will provide and depend on.
    2) Simplicity - They want the process to be smooth and straight-forward.
    3) Rate - They want to save as much money as possible.

    Mitch will meet all of these criteria for you:

    Trustworthiness - Ask around Kingston or search online reviews and you will consistently hear the words "professional", "trust" and "caring" when clients comment about their experience with Mitch. Mitch will always provide you with honest and reliable advice. 

    Simplicity - Mitch is very detail-oriented, efficient and experienced. He will always be clear with what you need to do to work through the mortgage process easily and smoothly.

    Rate - Mitch is an independent Mortgage Agent which means he works for his clients. His job is to find the best mortgage for you at the most competitive rate available. By building relationships with banks and lenders since 2009, Mitch knows where to get the most competitive rate for your mortgage - often lower than what you'll find anywhere else.